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Lover of PNR, Steampunk, Romance, Regency etc. as long as there´s a HEA in the end. Love anything with an Alpha male in it oh, and lots of smutty fluff!! =D

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Her Master's Kiss - Vivien Sparx What to say..
The beginning made me feel like reading a text book, being lectured about how a Real BDSM relationship is supposed to be, how a Real Dominant & a Real submissive is supposed to think, and not to trust all those romantic books *sigh* IMHO - I read books to forget about reality, if I wanted a realistic read, I´d grab a biography. (<<- that includes a lot of books nowadays)<br/>Halfway through the book, you get some twists, all was not what it seemed, and that´s when I gave up. SPOILERS - They´ve only spent four days together, and he´s already roughed up her ex? And my pet peeve, a heroine who seeks ways to change since her then-lover dumps her *shudders*
Sorry, but this one was not for me.