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Lover of PNR, Steampunk, Romance, Regency etc. as long as there´s a HEA in the end. Love anything with an Alpha male in it oh, and lots of smutty fluff!! =D

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Röd Lilja (Harpers Handelsträdgård #3 )
Nora Roberts
Sinner's Steel
Sarah Castille
Starry Knight
Nina Mason
Mastered 2: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender
Opal Carew, Avery Aster, Cynthia Sax, Emily Ryan-Davis, Jennifer Leeland, T.J. Michaels, Portia Da Costa, Evangeline Anderson, Madelynne Ellis
Holly S. Roberts
Bet On Me
Alisha Rai
Hot Ink
Carrie Ann Ryan, Sidney Bristol, Cari Quinn
Exquisite Danger (Iron Horse MC) (Volume 2)
Ann Mayburn
Love is...
Mahlee Ashwynne, Elianne Adams, Jennifer Blackstream, Jennifer Lewis, Elle Wylder, Sophie Avett, Molly McLain, Sadie Haller, Melissa Aires, Faye Hunter, Zoe York, Elle Rush, Clarice Wynter, Kat Cantrell, Marie Hall, A. Catherine Noon, Tina Moss, Yelena Casale, Suzan Butle
Scandalous Summer Nights
Sandy Raven, Vivienne Westlake, Sabrina Darby, Jennifer Haymore, Grace Callaway, Kate McKinley, Sue London

Dödligt villospår

Dödligt villospår - Nora Roberts A friendship that started in childhood turns into romance, but real life comes between them, and Coop & Lil goes their separate ways.
Now years later Coop is back to help his grandparents when Lil is targeted, or is it her Wildlife Refuge that is the real target?
Suspense, action, smutty fluff and Contemporary Romance in a great combo.
Listened to the Swedish audio version, and this one was great, both the translation and the narrator was spot on. Two thumbs up for that =)

Svart Ros

Svart Ros  - Nora Roberts Roz has her home, her boys and her garden centre to keep herself busy, she´s got no time for the genealogist holed up in her library researching the Harper Bride. Even if he is gorgeous and ticks all her boxes.
Mitch loves his new committment to find the origin of the haunting Bride tormenting the Harper House. That the landlady is tempting is just icing on the cake. Can he persuade her that this thing between them is worth taking a chance on? And what will they do when not just the Harper Bride but Roz´s ex starts making trouble for them?
Contemporary Romance, suspense, haunting and smutty fluff in a great combo.
The audiobook wasn´t as good as I know NR´s writing is, so that was a let down.
Since I listened in Swedish, I´ll add a note in Swe about my thoughts.

Ljudboken var en besvikelse, översättningen var inte riktigt konsekvent. Ena stunden var det slang, nästa så uråldriga ord att det kändes som en 70tals roman. Eftersom jag läst NR på orginalspråk vet jag hur hon brukar uttrycka sig, och hon har aldrig känts uråldrig, eller hip, utan tidlös.
Uppläsaren gjorde sitt, för hon tog allt i samma tonläge, så konversationer var hopplösa att hänga med i. Jag visste inte vem som pratade, eller när nästa svarade.
Trist nog är del 3 med samma uppläsare, eftersom jag vill veta hur det slutar har jag inget val.
Eftersom detta var min första svenska ljudbok, blev jag nervös att det skulle fortsätta så här, men har redan prövat en ny NR, med annan översättare och annan uppläsare och skillnaden är total.
Eftersom det här är en personlig åsikt, kanske det funkar för nån annan, men jag kommer undvika båda i fortsättningen.

Natural Law

Natural Law - Joey W. Hill, Maxine Mitchell Work as undercover takes an unexpected turn for Mac when he, as sub, catches the eye of Mistress Violet. He never expected her to be the one to finally bring him to heel.
Violet hasn´t taken a sub of her own, but Mac is ticking all her boxes. Could he start to trust, and can they make a go of it?
Contemporary romance, action, suspense and dominance in a great combo. The narrator was great as well.

Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf -  Jennifer Ashley Broderick is trying to resist the tempting human but she´s just so interesting, he can´t stay away. When he´s abducted and needs a pickup, she´s his first call.
Joanne never thought that searching for her vanished sister would end her smack in the middle of Shifter business, but the gorgeous Broderick makes it all worth it. When he´s abducted and they need help with the computers Joanne steps up.
Quick read, fast paced in-between novel, with suspense, action and smutty fluff in a great combo. Love returning to this world =).

Seduced in Secret

Seduced in Secret - Shiloh Walker Tessa´s got her whole life sorted, she´s got work, a fiancée and a wedding coming up. But it´s not making her happy. Her fiancée´s taken over everything, the wedding has nothing to do with her, and the only thing making her feel something is the love notes - from someone unknown..
Caleb´s been in love with his best friend since forever, but she´s never seen him as anything other than a friend. When she´s about to make the biggest mistake he has to take action. He never expected Tessa to react as she does, but how to take it to the next level?
Contemporary romance, quick read in a quick pace and smutty fluff in a great combo.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.


Bind - Sierra Cartwright Lara´s up against her own father when he won´t listen to reason about the management in their company. When her best friend gives her an idea about how to make him listen, she goes with it. Even if it is a hair brained one.
Connor´s used to getting his way in the corporate world, but this latest deal is about to go up in smoke. Until he gets help from an unsuspected source, and the way she´s proposing to do it is even more outrageus.
Can they both go for it, and get through it without breaking hearts?
Contemporary Romance, smutty fluff and dominance in a great combo.

Bold Seduction

Bold Seduction - Karyn Gerrard Madame Philomena agrees to an assignment to seduce a 30 year old virgin for his birthday. Taking on the task herself, she never expected her own feelings for the reclusive man.
Spencer is content with his life alone, then Phil comes along. But can anything come from this, can there be happiness for a lord and a madame?
Historical Romance, emotions and smutty fluff in a great combo.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

The Tycoon's Stowaway

The Tycoon's Stowaway - Stefanie London Brodie and Chantal shared a moment eight years ago, a moment that ended the camaraderie in their group since it was forbidden. Now it´s water under the bridge as far as their friends are concerned, but how are Brodie and Chantal taking it, since all that sizzling chemistry is still there?
Spending time together will make them have to make the choice..
Contemporary romance and smutty fluff in a great combo.
Won an autographed copy =) and loving it!

Servicing the Target

Servicing the Target - Cherise Sinclair Mistress Anne is known for the Pretty boy slave she usually goes for, but interacting with the security at Shadowlands has her wanting to get to know Ben instead. When he gives her the green light to pursue a scene, she goes for it.
Ben´s gotten familiar with the Shadowlands family working the front, and Anne is just something more. He can´t help himself, even if he´s never identified with the submissive side, he wants a taste of this. What´ll happen when the Mistress takes charge?
Contemporary romance, BDSM and smutty fluff in an awesome combo.

Hot Nights with the Fireman

Hot Nights with the Fireman - Lynne Silver Valerie´s latest job puts her right where her fears don´t want her, at the firestation among firefighters. A tragedy when she was five altered her life, and she´s still feeling the angst.
A PR disaster forces the DC Station to bring in a PR wizard, to better their appearance. What Jason never expected was the wizard to be a gorgeous lady ticking all his boxes. But she thinks he´s a player, could they make a go of it despite all?
Contemporary Romance, fire fighters and smutty fluff in a great combo.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Making the Cut

Making the Cut - Scott Hildreth Working at a bar, Avery can´t help but feel drawn to the "bad boy", and when biker Axton comes along, she´s ready to make a move.
Axton is determined to never get himself an Old Lady, but Avery tempts him.
When she turns out to be a bigger advantage than he expected, feelings grow.
Can they make a go of this?
Biker Romance and smut in a great combo.

Beware of Me

Beware of Me - Cynthia Eden The repercussions from that tragic night years ago still haunt both Ethan and Carly, even if they´re miles apart. When Carly returns Ethan´s enemies sees their chance to get back - and now Carly´s threatened again.
Can Ethan save her a second time, and will they give in this time?
Contemporary Romance, Suspense, action and smutty fluff in a great combo, and you´ll finally learn what really happened all those years ago from the two main players.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Slaves of the Demon Master

Slaves of the Demon Master - Powerone The secluded university of Wexter has a dark secret, and they worship something that´s hidden from the public. Although rumors about the activities won´t die down..
Smut, smut and smut as only Powerone can write.

Not Vanilla - Bondage

Not Vanilla - Bondage - Jennifer Lynne, Roz Lee Two quick, short reads with bondage in common.
Smut and BDSM, and knots. =)

Wicked Kind of Love

Wicked Kind of Love - Nicole Snow Tank tries, hard as he can, to resist the tempting nurse that started working for the MC, but it´s hard (pun intended).
The offer to moonlight for the MC came just when Emma needed it, with bills and student loans eating up her meager salary from the hospital. She never expected the man built as a brick house to make her feel this way, though.
While Emma´s ready to give in, Tank doesn´t want to jeopardize her life. Can she persuade him that it´s worth the risk?
MC romance, action and smut in a great combo.

On the Hunt

On the Hunt - Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti, Dianne Duvall, Hannah Jayne Four PNR stories in a box -

Alexandra Ivy´s On the Hunt -
Young lovers separate over a difference in beliefs, but years later are still not over each other. Now Mika´s latest mission as Sentinel brings him up close and personal with Bailey again. He never expected her being in jeopardy, but soon he´s got to do everything he can to save them both.
PNR romance, action, suspense and smutty fluff in a great combo.

Rebecca Zanetti´s Scorpius Rising -
When a global threat against human life is spreading faster than a usual virus, Deke, as the Presidents advisor, brings in Nora to help in the search for a treatment. Can this be contained or is humanity in jeopardy?
Think Contagion with a PNR twist =)

Dianne Duvall´s Phantom Embrace -
Yuri is used fighting against the Vampires as an Immortal, but when his ability to see and interact with ghosts brings him to Cat, all changes. Finally connecting with a woman, getting another best friend, but how could it work when she´s not of this world any longer?
PNR, ghosts, emotions and action in a great combo. Had me bawling at times.

Hannah Jayne´s Stake Out -
Vampire Nina is finally getting her chance to make it as designer, she´s about to show her works at the New York Fashion Week, but a pesky murder gets in her way. Why is it that everything happens to Nina? With the help of her nephew Vlad and her shapeshifting boyfriend Pike, they go on a mission to find the murderer and save Nina´s career.
PNR romance, action, mystery, suspense and smut in a great combo. The one author I haven´t read before, but I´ll be sure to find more from her =)

Great combination of Paranormal romance, action and smut, perfect for the summer read!
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.